About Us

The Kao Sushi & Grill Concept

The Kao Sushi & Grill Concept means top level cuisine. Located in Coral Gables, we bring forth a culinary delight on every level, thanks to combinations of exclusive flavors.

Our Mission

To offer our customers premium quality sushi, combined with an innovative and dynamic cuisine, in a relaxing environment through a professional level of service.

Our Product

Kao Sushi & Grill provides an excellent product consisting of dedication, unique flavors and quality. Every location is placed in strategic areas with a personal design, making each visit to Kao Sushi & Grill a one of a kind experience.

Our History

In mid-2017 the idea of Kao Sushi & Grill was born, as a small restaurant in Coral Gables. The quality of the product, its craftsmanship and warm attention given to customers, together with an elegant yet relaxing ambience, helped impose the “Kao” style.